CtrlTech dehumidiier Dubai offers best Industrial dehumidifier

CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier in Dubai

CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier offered by CtrlTech Dehumidifier Dubai is best in Quality and reliability. It is provided with Strong rugged body which is suitable for industrial applications and Control Panel to monitor & set required humidity. It is offered as lowest dehumidifier price.

CD-85L industrial dehumidfier is best in quality and reliabilityCD-85L is best selling portable industrial dehumidifiers model of CtrlTech. Body of unit is made up of strong non corrosive plastic with push handle and strong will for better portability. Unit has air intake from front side and dry air outlet from back. Washable filter is provided at air inlet. Dry air outlet designed with circular collar so as to attach flexible duct to redirect dry air if required. This Industrial dehumidifier provided with 1.5 meter long electrical power cable and 2 meter long hose pipe. Hose pipe supporter is provided to wind pipe around it when this commercial dehumidification unit not in use. Maintenance needed for this industrial dehumidifier is, cleaning of filter and replacement of control panel battery.  This dehumidifier is provided with built in pump. When unit starts or stops, dehumidifier will purge built in tank. Automatic defrosting is available to avoid ice forming on coil and hence it can be use in cold temperature also. CD-85L is heavy duty dehumidifier specially designed for industrial applications. CD-85L industrial dehumidifier has built in hygrostat with which dehumidifier unit can display current room humidity on its front LED panel. Also this unit has built in humidistat which make unit switch off automatically once set humidity level is achieved and turn on automatically when humidity is more that set humidity level.

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Applications of CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier

CD-85L dehumidifier can be use in all industrial applications. Some of the applications are as follow:

  • Industrial dehumidifiers unit can be use in all industrial process such as Pharmaceutical, Marin and
  • Food storage warehouse to avoid formation of fugue on stored item due to high humidity.
  • Ship building application to avoid rusting of metal parts.
  • Printing industries to avoid effect of high humidity on color tone.
  • For Indoor Swimming pool to reduce humidity generated for pool water surface.
  • Warehouse storing medicine, cloths and leather item.

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