FSD series large dehumidifier for warehousesFSD Series Large Dehumidifier.

FSD series large dehumidifier is specially designed to dehumidify large spaces like warehouses. Expansion valve, centrifugal fan, Honeycobe Evaporator, strong structure and G4 filter are some of the unique features of FSD series Warehouse Dehumidifier.

FSD series warehouse dehumidifier of large capacityFSD series is feature stuffed large dehumidifier. It is floor mount type large capacity dehumidifier. Capacity of FSD series dehumidifier sizing starts from 240 liter/day to 1200 liters per day. This warehouse dehumidifier available in non ducted and ducted type. Ducted type dehumidifier can be install outside of space which need to be dehumidify. It is equipped with expansion valve which controls flow rate of refrigerant according to change in working conditions hence it protect compressor from overheat, make it more efficient, stable, durable and energy efficient. Body of dehumidifier made up of thick steel sheet with strong metal frame and painted with powder coating. Body is fully non-corrosive in nature. Since FSD commercial dehumidifiers are designed for large spaces, air blower need to be powerful with low sound and energy efficiency. This got achieved with centrifugal fan installed in FSD. It helps to construct dehumidifier large capacity. G4 filter can be install at inlet of this large dehumidifier to clean air and protect dehumidifier machine from duct. Air inlet is from front side while dry air discharge from top size vertically upward. Sensors used in FSD dehumidifier helps to detect condition precisely and quickly. Evaporator coil of FSD unit has honeycomb structure which help it to increase evaporation area and hence faster moisture absorption.

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Applications & dehumidifier sizing of FSD model

  • Warehouse storing seafood, vegetable, tea packets, cigar etc.
  • Large Airplane hangers.
  • Boiler room and water treatment plants.
  • Large basement.
  • Large Swimming pools.
  • Military stores parked with tanks, fighter Jet etc.