AD 780 Air dehumidifier is made in GermanyAir Dehumidifier AD 780 Series.

AD 780 series Air dehumidifier equipped with high tech housing, high energy efficiency and outstanding user friendly operation to achieve dehumidification. AD 780 dehumidifier made in Germany. BlueDry Technology, hermetically sealed compressor ae some of USP of this commercial dehumidification Units.

Dehumidifier made in Germany is best dehumidifierAD 780 series air dehumidifier is made in Germany. Housing of this dehumidification unit is made up of high tech rotation molded polyethylene. Housing is shock proof, UV Resistant, shatterproof, easy to clean with years long durability. Unit housing designed in such way that multiple units can be easily stackable for storage purpose. Unit provided with handle molded in housing and large transport wheels having 30 cm diameter. This unit is equipped with BlueDry technology which make this air dehumidifier unit suitable to work in low humidity and temperature conditions also. This dehumidification unit offers high air flow of 820 CMH with help of winding protected axial fan with aluminum fan wheel. This Dehumidification unit work on principle condensation with heat pump technology with energy recovery. As standard accessory, unit provided with hose pipe of 1 meter, hose pipe knob & 5 meter power cable. Cable store slot provided at top side of unit.  Hose connecting point is provided at lower back side. As standard feature, unit fitted with condensate pump. To remove water from pump reservoir, a pump button is given at back of unit. This dehumidifier made in Germany takes humid air inside from back side and pushes dry air from front side. Front panel designed with slanted fins to have draught-free dry air through. Easily removable and washable filter provide at inlet. Copper piping and filter dryer used in cooling circuit, condenser and evaporator coil. Best quality rotary compressor is used which is hermetically sealed. Protection  against overloading and vibration is incorporated. CtrlTech is exclusive distributor for Aerial German dehumidifier. CtrlTech helps client from calculating dehumidification load to installation and commissioning of unit.

Control Panel.

Dehumidifier Made in Germany: Control Panel

Control panel of AD 780 commercial dehumidificatioin unitControl Panel of AD 780 dehumidification unit is simple but yet powerful. Control panle has know type hygrometer to set desired humidity level from in range of 20% to 80% RH. Dark yellow button provided which will glow in case of unit is ON. Operating hour counter will allow to know total working hours of units. We can order a combo meter for kWh and operating hours as optional item. Red light indication provided for fault condition. Green button will glow if unit working in defrosting mode. This dehumidifier made in German has built in responsive hot gas defrosting system. Due to built in hygrostat and humidistat dehumidifier will work till set humidity level get achieved and then compressor get off and brown color “% OK” button will glow. On bottom side of control panel, important dos and don’ts are mentioned in terms of pictures. these are about positioning, side clearance required for working of unit and maximum drain pipe height. Dehumidifier will switch on/off inbuilt pump on demand. User can manually switch on pump with help of button provided on back side. 

Product Specifications.

AD 780 dehumidifier to calculating dehumidification loadSpecifications*:

  • Dehumidification Capacity: 78 l/d at 30°C, 80% RH.
  • Power consumption: 1250 Watts.
  • Electric Supply: 230V, 50Hz, 1Ph.
  • Air circulation: 820 Cubic Meter per Hour (CMH).
  • Temperature operating Range: +3°C up to 32 °C.
  • Humidity operating Range: 40% RH up to 95% RH.
  • Compressor: Hermetically Sealed rotary compressor with R407c refrigerant, protected from overloading, vibration-insulating bearings.
  • Fan: Axial Fan with aluminum Fan wheel (winding protection).
  • Condenser & Evaporator: Copper piping covered with aluminum fins.
  • Cooling Circuit: Copper piping with capillary tube and filter dryer. Service connector on suction side.
  • Casing: Impact-resistant plastic.
  • Control Panel Details: Hygrostat, operation timer counter, fault indication, humidity Ok indication, pump fault indication & On/off button.
  • Dimensions: 1000(H) x 640(W) x 580(D) mm.
  • Weight: 57 kg.

 *CtrlTech and Aerial keep rights to change any specification without prior notice.

Product Video.

hygrostat of ad 780 dehumidifierDehumidification AD 780 Unit’s Applications:

  • Use for Building and water damage drying applications.
  • Use at high humidity water management facilities like pump room, sewage treatment plant room etc. This best dehumidifier for such applications.
  • Use in high value material preservation stores, Art Museum, Car Museum and Art Gallery.
  • Use for various industrial and commercial sites.
  • This air dehumidifier unit use in indoor swimming pool.