Benefits of Having an Air Dehumidifier

Benefits of Having an Air DehumidifierHumidity plays an equally significant part in our daily lives as much as air temperature does. However, it is easier to get a solution to low humidity levels by typically installing a humidifying system at your homes. On the contrary, with too much humidity, it merely doesn’t feel uncomfortable but it also poses risks to your health. One of such potential risks is the growth of mold and fungus on the internal structure. It normally starts to appear at a humidity level, which is more than 50 %. Other mold and mildew may appear in a humidity level that equates 70% or more.

Why should Air-Conditioners not be used as Dehumidifiers?

Indoor humidity is usually difficult to control with the use of air conditioners. It’s important to understand that air-conditioners do prevent moisture from being present in the indoor air environment, however, it performs that functions as a cooling byproduct and not as a primary function of dehumidifying. Why is it so? It’s because air conditioners are controlled and operated with a thermostat, which merely works to sense air temperature.

This is a perfect case of getting a humidity control system or an air dehumidifier.

Understanding Humidity Control Systems

An air humidifier is precisely needed to remove extra water vapors in an indoor setting to help the temperature stay within control as well as keep the indoor structure healthy. It is important for the below following major reasons:

  1. Give a thermal comfort to people inside the room
  2. Prevent mold and fungus from appearing on interiors to keep the indoor air quality strong.
  3. It uses a substantial amount of cooling energy in humid seasons.

Ideal Humidity Range

The use of air humidifier keeps the humidity range at a comfortable level. As a matter of fact, as the air temperature goes hotter, a less level in humidity is comfortable. In order to prevent mold from happening, the ideal humidity level is below the range of 40%. Nevertheless, the areas where laundry and cooking are done or the shower area for that matter should be well ventilated.

Use of Specially Designed Air Dehumidifiers

Installing proper humidity control systems means you ar using a specially designed technology that has its primary purpose of using its basic mechanics to keep a standard range of humidity in the air. However, it might not always be the most energy efficient way.

Now, how do they work? Air dehumidifiers work on incoming air as air-coolers whilst cooling it until the point it has sucked up all the water vapors that it could as per its capacity. This makes condensation of water, which occurs on the coils. Eventually, the dry and cold air is then released into the air to keep the air temperature consistent and humidity low.

The maximum capacity of water vapors that had been reached while sucking them up is re-functioned by dripping off the condenser so that more vapors can be taken in the system.