CDM-90L Commercial Dehumidifier in UAECDM-90L Commercial Dehumidifier in UAE

Industrial processes on many occasion demands low humidity level which can be achieve by CDM-90L commercial dehumidifier. Strong Metal Body, Built in Humidistat & Hygrostat, LCD control color control panel, strong wheels are some of the main highlights of CDM-90L Industrial dehumidifier.

CMD-90L industrial dehumidifier in UAEMany times industrial processes and construction site require commercial dehumidifier. CtrlTech offers wide range of dehumidifier in UAE. CDM-90L series dry air dehumidifier is designed to help these industrial processes. Unit is equipped with beautiful coloured LCD display panel. Body is made of strong and thick metal panel which painted with powder coating. Unit has auto detection of temperature and humidity failure. It has temperature sensor along with humidity sensor. Unit provided with strong rubber wheels and steel handle to move unit easily. CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier systems take humid air from front side. Front panel of system easily removable to remove filter for cleaning. Dehumidified dry air pushed from groves on left side panel. Drainage hose connection point is also at bottom of left panel. Unit provided with 1.5 meter electrical cable with socket, operational manual, hose pipe and clamp to connect hose pipe. Compressor is located at lower back side and hence thermal window is provided on lower side of back panel for cooling of compressor. This commercial dehumidifier has automatic working with help of humidistat. Once user set required humidity level, humidistat will monitor humidity level of inlet air. When humidity level of inlet air become equal to set humidity then it gives single to stop dehumidification process however fans continue to run. If humidistat sense high humidity level in inlet air than set humidity level then it will trigger dehumidification process again.  Current room humidity is continuously displayed on LCD panel. CDM-90L is best dehumidifier in UAE which is value for Money.

Control Panel.

Control Panel of CDM-90L Industrial Dehumidifier

Control Panel of CDM-90L Industrial DehumidifierControl Panel is one of the unique selling point for CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier. Control panel is colored LCD panel which shows current humidity continuously. Lets understand control panel controls:

  • Power button: This button use for switch On and switch off dehumidifier unit.
  • Plus Arrow Button: This button use to increase level of set humidity. Every press to this button will increase humidity by 1%.
  • Minus Arrow Button:This button use to decease level of set humidity. Every press to this button will decrease humidity by 1%.
  • Timer Button: This button is use to program preset stop and start of unit. Once button press will enter into timer settings. Pressing this button successive twice, will enter into mode of presetting start-up. Pressing this button successive three times, will enter into mode of presetting stop. Four times successive press will exist setup. Plus and minus button can be use to set time delay in hours.
  •  LCD Display: LCD display of this industrial dehumidifier with continuously shows current humidity level, temperature sensor failure and humidity sensor failure indication and fan speed. 
Product Specifications.

Dry air dehumidification unit supplier in UAESpecifications*:

  • Extraction Capacity: 90 liter/day (at 30°C, 80% RH)
  • Power Consumption: Max 1260 Watts.
  • Electrical Supply: 220V, 50Hz
  • Humidity Setting: Available.
  • Running Temperature: 5 -38°C.
  • Compressor: Rotary with R410 Coolant.
  • Handle: Steel fixed type.
  • Wheels: Rubber wheel.
  • Drain Hose: Terminal for continuous drainage.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) mm: 590 x 446 x 843
  • Weight: 60 Kg.

 *CtrlTech keep rights to change any specification without prior notice.

Product Video.

Applications & Advantages of CDM-90L dehumidifier in UAE

  • CDM-90L is commercial dehumidifier with pump hence it offers you reliability.
  • It is use at construction sites by drying of concrete.
  • It is use in for drying spaces during flood restoration process.
  • CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier use in Commercial laundry room.
  • This commercial dehumidifier has auto detection of temperature. When system detects through temperature sensor that surrounding  temperature is exceeding designed range then system enters into mode of temperature sensor failure and LCD panel shows “E1” fault. During this condition system work in dehumidification mode for 30 minutes and defrosting for 15 minutes in circle.
  • This commercial dehumidifier has auto detection of Humidity. When system detects through humidity sensor that surrounding  humidity is exceeding designed range then system enters into mode of humidity sensor failure and LCD panel shows “E2” fault. During this condition system work continuously in dehumidification mode.

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