It is very important to create regulated humidity environment during various industrial manufacturing process or product storage to maintain quality of product. Industrial portable dehumidifier are extensively use in various industrial applications. Storage of electronic components need low humidity environment where industrial portable dehumidifiers come into picture. Printing industry required controlled humidity space to avoid changing of ink colour. Industrial dehumidifiers is must have equipment in film storage and processing, seed drying, leather storage applications. Industrial dehumidifiers are mainly working on condensation or desiccant principle. Condensation type industrial portable dehumidifier remove water from air by cooling air up to dew point at which moisture condensate into water. Desiccant type industrial dehumidifiers absorbs humidity from air with help of desiccant wheel made up by mainly silica gel. Condensation type dehumidifier price is relatively less than desiccant type dehumidifier price. Condensation type industrial portable dehumidifier are use for major applications due to its capability to control humidity at lower cost than that of desiccant type industrial dehumidifiers. Controlling humidity with help of industrial dehumidification systems in industrial processes is tedious job and always need an expert. CtrlTech offers wide range of industrial dehumidification systems. Our gamut of products  includes CD series large commercial dehumidifier and DD series commercial desiccant dehumidifiers.