Climate in Dubai.

Dehumidifier in Dubai by CtrlTech Dehumidifiers.Dubai city is located near line of Tropic of Cancer. Hence climate of Dubai is warm an sunny. Dehumidifiers are must needed equipment in UAE. Humidity in Dubai in six months of year is always high since it is located at seashore. In summer Dubai is known for its hot weather. Temperature during summer reaches up to 45 °C continuously for many days. Sometime highest temperature recorded is 52 °C. Average humidity level is 90%RH even when sea temperature is less. In winter temperature minimum 12 °C to maximum 15 °C. Humidity level 50% to 60%.  Raining is very rare occasion in Dubai, generally during month of December to march with thunderstorm. So it is very clear that summer in UAE is very hot and humid. Hence dehumidifier are needed during summer.

Choosing Dehumidifier.

Choosing Dehumidifier in Dubai needs some research. We suggest you to refer online buying guides for dehumidifiers. Choosing unit for home and industrial application needs different selection criteria. First make list of at least five features that must have in your dehumidifier and then start selecting your unit. For example home dehumidifier should have hygrostat to show current humidity level, large water bucket with facility for hose connection for continuous drainage, handle and wheels. Also home dehumidifier should have fully automatic operation which will tern on and off if room humidity high or low respectively than set humidity. Dehumidifiers should have filter and low power consumption also.

Buying Dehumidifiers in UAE.

CtrlTech makes your dehumidifier buying a pleasant experience. CtrlTech executive will visit your home if required and will help you to select right size of dehumidifiers rating. They will deliver dehumidifier to your door.

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