AD780 Industrial Dehumidifier review.

AD780 Industrial Dehumidifier review.

AD 780 Industrial dehumidifier is manufactured by Aerial Germany and marketed by CtrlTech dehumidifiers in Middle Eastern Countries. It is German made high quality portable commercial dehumidifier used in various industrial and restoration applications. This industrial dehumidification system is with strong design but with elegant look. This is one of most reliable unit offered by Aerial.

Features of AD780 industrial dehumidification system.

Aerial as reputed industrial dehumidifier manufactures ensures highest quality in their products. AD780 commercial dehumidification system has strong shock proof high quality plastic body which make it most durable since it is protected from corrosion. Since dehumidifier works in high humidity areas, it is always possibility that boy of unit get corrode. But with plastic casing of AD780, there is no possibility of corrosion. Compressor and evaporation coils are main parts of any dehumidifier. And Arial offers best quality of it. Compressor is rotary type which is fully hermetic. Evaporation coil made of copper pipe and with aluminium fins. If unit work in low temperature then there is possibility of formation of ice on coil. to avoid this unit equipped with automatic hot gas defrost mechanism on demand which removes ice on coil and increases efficiency of unit. Unit is extremely portable which can move with gentle push with help of large (300 mm diameter) wheel and push handle. Unit is very energy efficient even when it work at low temperature and humidity since it works on patented Blue-Dry technology & condensation principle with heat pump technology and energy recovery.

Controls on AD780 dehumidifiers?

AD 780 control panel gives user interface to set required humidity level. Unit work fully automatic. Once humidity in room reduce to set level, dehumidifier system will get switch off automatically and again get switch on automatically if humidity level increase more than set level. Control panel has neon lighted indication for “humidity ok”, “defrost mode” and “pump fault”. Intake of humid air is from back side through washable filter and dry air discharges from front side fins.

Industrial dehumidifier Germany made

AD 780 dehumidifiers control panelWhere to use AD780 commercial dehumidifier?

Due to its strong construction design and elegant look, unit are suitable to use in various applications. Some of the applications as follows:

  1. At construction sites for drying of concrete
  2. At Flood restoration process.
  3. Food storage and pharmaceutical warehouses.
  4. In Museum and archive centers.
  5. In commercial laundry centers.
About CtrlTech Dehumidifier

CtrlTech is largest and oldest dehumidifier supplier in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Bahrain. We supply Portable dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, swimming pool dehumidifier. We are one stop solution provider for all kind of dehumidification solution. CtrlTech’s product gamut includes wall mount dehumidifier, in duct mounted dehumidifier and portable commercial duty dehumidifier. for more details on industrial dehumidifier contact us.