Buying Dehumidifier? consider this 5 points.

Buying Dehumidifier? consider this 5 points.

This article will give your 7 points which one should consider before buying a dehumidifier. Before buying dehumidification system, one should know there requirements properly. User should consider site condition, target humidity, type of dehumidifier, working principle of industrial dehumidifier etc.  lets see these point one by one.

Site condition for dehumidification unit installation.

User should select dehumidifier which suitable to there site. To select right capacity of dehumidifier client needs to note first area of site, height of site. Room temperature plays important role in selecting right dehumidifier with right working principle. Target humidity will decide capacity of dehumidifier. Size of door, windows and their frequency of opening and closing should be consider which going to effect capacity of industrial dehumidifier.

Working principle of Industrial Dehumidifiers.

It is very important to decide dehumidifier with right working principle to get best result. For example if you want to do dehumidification in cold room where room temperature always less than 5 deg C then dehumidifier with condensation working principle will not work due to formation of ice on coil. For dehumidification at such low temperature you need to install dehumidifier with desiccant wheel which give very good result at low temperature. Similarly if you want to reduce humidity in indoor swimming pool then desiccant dehumidifier will not suitable since it will be costly affair. You should go for refrigerant base condensation dehumidifier which has low initial and running cost.

Mounting of Dehumidifier.

Depending on site you need to select mounting type of dehumidifier. If space is very large then you can consider floor mount type dehumidifier. But if there is limitation of floor space then you needs to explore possibilities of wall mount of ceiling suspended duct dehumidifier. Also many times due to aesthetic aspect you need to select mounting of dehumidifiers.

dehumidifier buying 5 pointsDehumidifier calculation for capacity.

Dehumidifier capacity calculation should not be underrated. If you installs dehumidifier of capacity less than required then dehumidifier will run continuously to achieve set humidity (which it can’t ) and hence it get overload and breakdown of  compressor can happen. Hence it is very important to select right capacity of dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier supplier Selection.

Selection of right dehumidifier supplier will make your future easy. Select supplier who is expert and old in field. Dehumidifier supplier should have well placed warranty policy. You can ask for consumable spare price in advance. Try to buy dehumidification unit with extended warranty terms.