Dehumidifiers should have these five features.

Dehumidifiers should have these five features.

In this article we are going to discuss five most important features that dehumidifiers should possess. Obviously some of the features less important for industrial dehumidifier and some of more important for swimming pool dehumidifier. But these features is required for all kind of dehumidification unit in spite of type of dehumidifiers.  But this article more about five important features of industrial dehumidifier since this website is dedicated to one. You can find similar article for home dehumidifiers and pool dehumidifier in our other websites.

Five Features that Industrial dehumidifier should have.

  • Strong casing :  Industrial dehumidifier designed to use in places like construction sites, warehoused, oilfield stations etc. It always subject to rough use. Hence casing of dehumidification units should be designed accordingly. Most popular is steel casing with powder coating paint and anti corrosion treatment for inner wall. In recent trend high quality plastic casing also very much in use. These type of casing not only strong but also it make unit lighter and free from corrosion.
  • Hygrometer and Humidistat : Commercial dehumidifier should have built in hygrometer to show current room humidity level and humidistat you sense humidity level of intake air and provide information to dehumidifier control so that it can switch on or off accordingly. Once user set a required humidity level then  any industrial dehumidifiers units should run till humidity reduce to that set point and after that it should switch off automatically. Also if humidity raises above set point then unit should start automatically. All this a industrial dehumidifier systems can do with help of humidistat.
  • Condensation Pump: Most of industrial portable dehumidifiers or non-portable also without built in condensate tank. It is not practical on designed aspect to accommodate condensate tank along with heavy compressor and coils. Hence of dehumidifier are provided with hose connection to drain out condensate water. And user need to ensure that hose should have proper slob so that condensate water flow easily. But at every site it is not possible to give that slob to hose pipe. In some of site unit installed on floor and drainage connection to connect point on ceiling. In such condition if unit has built in condensate pump then it can push water.
  • Automatic defrost: Refrigerant based industrial dehumidification system are not suitable for use in low temperature areas. If it use then ice forms on its coil which reduces performance of unit. Hence unit should have automatic defrost system which on demand should go on defrost mode to remove ice on coil and improve performance of unit.
  • Compressor & Coils: Many dehumidifier manufacture still use not environmental friendly gases compressor. You need to make sure that you get unit with compressor that use environmental friendly refrigerant gases like R134a, R407 or R410 etc. Also Evaporator and condenser coil should be made up of copper tubes.

CD-85L dehumidifiers for industrial and swimming pool use.

Other Features for pool dehumidifier.

There are other many feature that if dehumidifier possess then it will be icing on cake.

  • Filter: If unit especially pool dehumidifier has built in filter at inlet then it will be good for occupant and machine itself.
  • Fan Speed Adjustment:  Unit should have at least two fan speed setting.
  • On/off Timer: This feature is useful when you want to run dehumidifier for specific period only.
  • Tank full auto switch off: This feature very important to have in dehumidifiers with built in condensate tank. It enables unit to get automatically switch off in even of condensate tank is full to avoid overflow of water.

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