How Dehumidifiers are classified?

How Dehumidifiers are classified?

In this article we are going to discuss classification of dehumidifiers in brief. Dehumidification systems are classified on basis of various factors. The major factors are working principle, applications and mounting of dehumidifiers. On basis of working principle it is classified into refrigerant, desiccant  & petlier dehumidifier. On basis of mounting it mainly classified into portable, ceiling and wall mount dehumidifier. While on basis on application it is classified into home, swimming pool and industrial dehumidifier. We will take information about all these types in brief.

Dehumidifiers Type: on working principle basis.

As mentioned before on basis of working principles, dehumidifier systems are classified into three different type. Most of dehumidifier use refrigerant based working principle. Unit using these principles are called as refrigerant dehumidifier or condensation dehumidifier. These type of  unit consists of evaporator & condenser coil with compressor. Unit takes wet humid air and cool it till due point where humidity get condensate into physical form of water which accumulated in tank and dry air make available for use. Most of dehumidification system use condensation principle for dehumidification.

Limitation of condensation dehumidifier is that in cold conditions they can not achieve dehumidification since ice will form on coils. Desiccant dehumidifier use in application where condensation dehumidifier unable to do dehumidification. Hence desiccant dehumidifier basically use to achieve dehumidification at lower temperature. For example to reduce humidity in cold room. Desiccant dehumidifier consist of rotating wheel made up of desiccant like silica get which has inherent property to absorb humidity from air. When humid air pass over this desiccant wheel, it absorbs humidity form air. This also called as absorption dehumidifier.

Petlier dehumidifier work on petlier effect which state that temperature difference created between two metal joined to each other when voltage applied on it. One metal part becomes hot while other becomes cold which use to condensate humidity. This type of dehumidifier has limitation on extraction capacity.

Dehumidifier Classification: On basis of Applications.

On basis of application applications, dehumidifiers are classified into various type like marine dehumidifier, cold room dehumidifier, warehouse dehumidifier etc. All these applications are majorly comes under three categories which are home, swimming pool & industrial dehumidifiers.

High humidity at homes creates bad smell, rapid growth of mould and mites, patches on wall, condensation on window glass etc. Also high humidity cause health issues for occupants. Hence to keep humidity at proper level we need to use floor mount dehumidifier which are portable in nature.

Many industrial processes needs low humidity environment during process and to store process goods. Small rise in humidity during manufacturing of drugs might give undesirable result. Many laboratories, data centers, electrical room needs low humidity environment. Industrial dehumidifier are designed to withstand roughness at industrial sites. This dehumidifier are potable, floor mount or wall mount dehumidifiers.

Indoor room swimming pool always bastion of high humidity. Rate of evaporation and hence air humidity increases with increase in indoor pool water temperature and surface area swimming pool. And this high humidity creates lots of damage to pool room infrastructure. Depending on size of pool wall mount dehumidifier of ceiling mount dehumidifier. For small residential pool, we recommend wall mount dehumidifier but for commercial pool we need duct dehumidifier of commercial grades.

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Floor, ceiling or wall mount Dehumidifier?

Above questions are common one when it comes to buy dehumidifier. On basis of mounting of dehumidifier it classified in above three types. Wall mount dehumidifiers are preferred when we have to dehumidify small space and there is limited space. Floor mount dehumidifier generally use for dehumidification of large spaces like warehouse. Portable dehumidifiers are floor mount unit by default but it is movable. Ceiling suspended unit generally use in large spaces like big swimming pool, warehouses etc.

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