Industrial dehumidifier; a brief introduction.

Industrial dehumidifier; a brief introduction.

As name suggest industrial dehumidifier use for industrial applications. It also commonly know as commercial dehumidifier or heavy duty dehumidifier. Most of commercial activities needs controlled humidity environment during production and storage of merchandise. Dehumidifier is easiest way to reduce humidity in space and hence helping commercial establishments to maintain quality of goods during production and after production too. In this article we will discuss a brief introduction to industrial dehumidifiers. This discussion includes types of industrial large dehumidifiers, its application and how it works.

Types of Commercial Dehumidifier.

Depending on type of mounting it divided into mainly three types:

CD-85L Industrial dehumidifiersIndustrial portable dehumidifier: These type of unit has wheels and push handle which makes these unit easy to transport for one place to other place easily. This types of industrial dehumidifiers units has built in pump for flushing condensate water. There is limitation of capacity for these types of unit. Maximum capacity of these type of units limited to 120 to 130 liters per day maximum. Construction sites, flood restoration work, pharmaceuticals room etc. prefers these type of units.

Floor mount dehumidifier: Floor mount dehumidifier use for large spaces. Capacities of these type of industrial dehumidifier starts from 100 to 1000 liters per day. These type of units commonly use as warehouse dehumidifier to protect stored furnished goods from high humidity. These unit designed with high airflow to cover large spaces. CtrlTech offer FSD series of warehouse dehumidifier.

Duct dehumidifier: These type of units are use when you like to integrate de-humidification with your air conditioner system or other wise also. Duct type dehumidifier can be connected in parallel on in series with air conditioner duct. Also it can be installed in space suspending form ceiling without connecting  to any AC duct. Generally unit supplied with wall mount controlled to switch on/off unit and set required humidity level.

Types of Dehumidifiers on basis of Working principle.

On basis of working principles dehumidification systems are divided into following two types:

Refrigerant Dehumidifier: This is most commonly used portable commercial dehumidifier which works on condensation principle. These type of units has less initial and operating cost. It consists of compressor, evaporation coil and condensation coil. Dehumidifier sucks wet humid air and cool it to due point where humidity of air condensate into physical water. This water stored in Tank built in dehumidifier or it flushed out with help of pump. Dry air they pushed out from dehumidifier to space. These process repeated continuously till humidity level on intake air reached to set level.

Desiccant dehumidifier: At lower temperature refrigerant dehumidifier can not work due to forming of ice on its coil due to low temperature of air. Hence in such situation desiccant type dehumidifiers are used. These units consisting of rotating desiccant wheel which has property to adsorb humidity from air. Intake air passed through this desiccant wheel which in turn leaves its humidity in wheel and dry air flush out. On other end of wheel subjected to hot air to dry this wheel and this humid air through out in environment.

Application of Industrial dehumidifier.

Industrial dehumidifier are use in following applications:

  • Construction sites.
  • Marine application. Ship building.
  • Pharmaceutical factories.
  • Warehouses.
  • Chocolate industries.
  • Large Bakeries.
  • Food industries.
  • Indoor Swimming pool

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Some of our Industrial Dehumidifier:

Name of Product: CDM-50L Industrial Dehumidifier.


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Description: CDM-50L is industrial portable dehumidifier having capacity of 50 liters per day. This unit supplier with large wheel and push handle. colour LCD controller is USP of his model. From control panel user can set required humidity level, set on/off delay timer, set fan speed, set mode of operation etc.

Industrial Dehumidifier or commercial dehumidifier

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