Industrial Dehumidifier for Food Processing Industry.

Industrial Dehumidifier for Food Processing Industry.

Why you need industrial dehumidifier for food industry?, answer of this question going to be this article. Food industry is flourishing with great leap every year after year. With revolution in long term packing industries, it become easy to process and store food for long term. Today’s fast life, peoples are preferring package food. But producing food in home kitchen and producing food items on commercial scale is totally different. Commercial food industry need to meet many standards prescribed by local law agency like municipality and civil defense. It is very important to keep humidity in controlled state with help of commercial dehumidifier to achieve required production quality.

Industrial Dehumidifier Advantages in Food processing.

Food processing goes through many processes and in most of stages low humidity requirement in common to maintain hygiene. One of the important step in food processing is drying of raw material. If you dry this raw food naturally in ambient conditions then it take days and speed of manufacturing get effected. Also natural method cause uneven drying. But if you use commercial dehumidifier, then it helps to dry foods quickly and evenly.  High humidity also can effect quality of product. Many processes like juice production or bakery needs low humidity environment. Due to high humidity test can change and hygiene can compromise. But CtrlTech dehumidifier UAE units helps to keep low humidity level in production area and hence high quality of food product can be produce.  Also high humidity can cause corrosion on machinery parts. This not only reduces life of machinery but also it can effect product quality also. Hence to improve life of machinery and to avoid low quality of produce goods, recommended to install industrial dehumidifier in production area.

Commercial dehumidifier for hygiene.

As mentioned before all food processing plant needs to meet standards set for local authorities in their production. In UAE all food processing factories go through safety and hygiene audit after specific interval every year. Also their product needs to go through random checkup by food inspectors. High humidity during production and storage of end material can cause development of fungus in it. Hence special care need to take during production and storage to maintain good hygiene. CtrlTech dehumidifier UAE offers special humidity control solution for plant and warehouses of food processing units.

Plant that needs Dehumidifiers.

Please see list of some of food processing plants which need humidity control:

  • Slaughterhouses during production and storage of meat.
  • Fish processing plant during cutting, packing and storage.
  • Sugar industries.
  • Package food industries

Some of our Industrial Dehumidifier:

Name of Product: CD-85L Industrial Dehumidifier.

Image:CD-85L portable commercial dehumidifier.

Brand Name: CtrlTech

Price: AED 7,900.00

Availability: Yes

Product ID: CD085UAE-010117-7900-W715

Rating: 4.7

Votes: 176

Description: CD-85L is commercial dehumidification unit having extraction capacity of 85 liters per day. This is best commercial grade dehumidifier for food processing industry. Unit has large wheels hence it is easy to transport for one place to other which makes it portable in nature. Control of this dry air dehumidifier includes setting of humidity level, built in pump, fan speed etc.

Industrial dehumidifier for food industry.

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