Industrial Dehumidifier vs home dehumidifier

Industrial Dehumidifier vs home dehumidifier

What is difference between industrial dehumidifier and home dehumidifier? why price of industrial dehumidifiers are higher than home type unit? extraction rating is same then why price is different? , we hear all these type of questions from our vigilant clients. These questions are very obvious for normal clients. For example we have two models CDM-50L which is industrial dehumidification system and CD-50L is home or consumer dehumidifier model. Both having same extraction capacity of 50 liters per day but price of first one almost double than price of later. This article will explain difference between two type of air dehumidifier.

Differences between home and industrial dehumidifiers.

There are few major differences between these two types of portable dehumidifier.  let see it…

  • Airflow : for given extraction capacity models, airflow of industrial unit will be always much higher than that of its counterpart consumer dehumidifier. Industrial dehumidification unit can process high moist air at given time and hence can reduce humidity faster than home unit. However its capacity of intake air always depend on temperature and humidity level in room. More air intake by industrial unit to process if temperature and humidity is higher in room and visa versa.
  • Durability : Commercial dehumidifier built with strong steel casing and high quality durable internal parts. Compressor, coils and sensors in  industrial unit always of much high grade than home unit. Durability is major criteria in industrial dehumidifier design since places it going to be use, it will subject to very rough weather and rough handling. Hence industrial model generally looks very bulky. Least important given to its appearance in its designing. That’s why it also called as heavy duty dehumidifier. On other hand home unit made up of plastic, special care taken so that unit should look athletically good. Home unit has low grade internal parts and it is very delicate as compare to industrial unit.
  •  Condensate Tank : Most of industrial large dehumidifier do not have built in condensate tank. However they are one step ahead. Industrial unit either have built in condensate pump or there is facility of install condensate pump. Only small capacity industrial unit (less than 50 liter per day) may have built in tank. Pump has ability to pump out condensate water at height also. Most of home unit comes with built in condensate tank. Consumer generally prefers home unit with large capacity tank to avoid frequent tank empty.

CDM-50L Dehumidifier or industrial-dehumidifier

  • Price aspect: From first three point it must be clear to you that industrial portable dehumidifiers should more costly than home units. Even though both units has same capacity but due to its construction & spare quality, industrial unit always costlier than its peer home small dehumidifier.

Application of home and industrial dehumidifier.

As name suggest both units are use in industrial and home application. Home model used in hotels, library, hospitals, lounges, basements etc. and Industrial units use at construction sites, big warehouses, oilfield sites, bakeries, commercial laundry center, water pumping rooms etc.

About CtrlTech Dehumidifiers.

CtrlTech offers both home dehumidification and industrial dehumidification unit. In home portable unit series, they offers their CD-12L, CD-20L, CD-25L, CD-50L and VEDA series of designer dehumidifier units. For industrial application they offers CDM-50L, AD 780 German made dehumidifier, CD-85L, CDM-90, CDM-120L, SPD series and FSD series large capacity dehumidifiers.