What makes CD-85L industrial dehumidifier a different one?

What makes CD-85L industrial dehumidifier a different one?

Yes, you understood right. This article nothing but another product review. in fact another review of CD-85L industrial dehumidifier among many by many individual. CD-85L dehumidification system is winning horse of CtrlTech dehumidifiers UAE. Company entered into commercial dehumidifier market with this flagship model. Still this model is most selling industrial portable dehumidifier of CtrlTech. It gone through many changes over a decade and every time come up with new useful improvement.  Even though model launched in three different colors but still blue plus back color model is icon for this series. Reviewing this dehumidifier model like reviewing old vintage car or reviewing old red wine in which there is nothing but mentioning all positives.

Differentiating features of CD-85L dehumidification system.

Let me share you a incidence. During my site study for data center designing to one of my client in Airlines industries, i saw CD-85L industrial dehumidifier at customers spare part storage room. When i saw unit from close, it was new but labeled with different brand name and model number. Since it was looking very new, i thought that someone is counter fitting our product. But when i check my old invoices, then i came to know that, that product was supplied by us around 10 years before but with OEM’s model and brand name.  I surprised to know that that same unit still was in good condition and very much in operating condition after a decade.  This incidence itself speaks about quality of this industrial dehumidifier. One of this USP of this model is its high quality plastic body which make this unit rust free and hence very durable. And if it maintained properly, this dehumidification system always look like new bride. Even today quality of condensate pump of this model can not match by pump of other models. It is very powerful and push water with press of “purge” button with strong force. Unit has built in working hour counter. This useful to understand if dehumidifier running under overload condition or not. Ideally right capacity sized portable industrial dehumidifier should run for few hours to reduce humidity to level of required humidity considered while sizing unit. After that unit should go into sleep mode. And if surrounding humidity increases again then it should start automatically which CD-85L commercial duty dehumidifier does.  If working hour we can understand working hour counter shows 24 hours working then it is understood that client needs more units.  Humid air intake from front side of unit through washable filter and dry air through from back side of unit through round collar duct outlet. This outlet designed in such a what that user can connect flexible round duct to direct dry air. Pneumatic large wheels and push handle make unit very portable in nature. Unit can move with gentle push.

CD-85L dehumidifiers for industrial and swimming pool use.

How to operate CD-85L dehumidifiers?

This commercial dehumidification unit is basically “plug & play” device. Powered from 13A nomal single phase socket which readily available at every places. With power one unit gives beep to confirm that unit has been powered. With press of power button unit will start if set humidity less than room humidity. If it doesn’t start then with help of acceding and descending button you can reduce set humidity. Display of unit will always show set humidity on left side and current room humidity on right side of display. “P” button helps to purge built in condensate water tank before moving unit one place to other. “T” button help to set automatic switch on or off delay timer.

CtrlTech Dehumidifiers Stand for Quality.

Offering dehumidifiers like CD-85L itself shows commitment of CtrlTech towards quality and reliability of their products. They offer their dehumidification system in all countries of Middles East including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and African countries.

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