Why best dehumidifier tag for CDM-50L model?

Why best dehumidifier tag for CDM-50L model?

Answer to title of this article is nothing but review of CDM-50L dehumidifier. And as per any other review of industrial dehumidifiers, we are going to discuss here features and disadvantages of this model too. Hence you might feel same features you are reading in every other dehumidifier system review but to complete review we need to mention it. This review will include analysis of design, control, efficiency, economic aspect of CDM-50L dehumidifier. So lets see answer towards title of this article going to turn out positive or negative.

CDM-50L Industrial Dehumidifiers numero uno.

We will discuss all features of this dehumidification system one by one. Most important mumero uno feature of this model is its elegant look, large condensate tank with LCD control board. Strong steel body painted with powder coated paint. Yellow with black color looks eye catching combination with silk painted logo looks like cherry on cake. This is among few Industrial dehumidifier units which has condensate tank with provision to connect hose pipe for diverting condensate water to drain. LCD display of this unit is large with so many features. From this user not only can set humidity level needed but also can get current room humidity level value. It shows mode of operation of dehumidifier unit. User can understand if unit is on dehumidification mode or fan mode or automatic defrosting mode.

Some More about CDM-50L dehumidifier System.

Some more features of this industrial portable dehumidifier are as follow:

  • Wheels: Unit supported with four wheels. Two small wheel which can rotate 360 degrees are place front side and two big wheels at back side. Unit has fold-able push handle.
  • Air Intake and outlet : Intake of humid air is from front side and discharge from right side panel. Filter is provided at inlet.
  • Compressor: Rotary type compressor made by Panasonic is uses with environmental friendly refrigerant gas R407.
  • Condensate Tank: Tank access is from front side. Capacity is 5.5 liter. Tank full indication. Unit will stop working if tank is full.
  • Timer: Automatic switch on or off timer can be set from control panel placed on top panel.

Where you can buy CDM-50L Dehumidifier?

If you are in UAE then you can order this unit over phone by contacting CtrlTech. For sales in Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, please send email to sales@ctrltechnologies.com to get quotation of this dehumidifier.


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