FSD series large dehumidifier for warehousesFSD Series Large Dehumidifier.

FSD series large dehumidifier is specially designed to dehumidify large spaces like warehouses. Expansion valve, centrifugal fan, Honeycomb Evaporator, strong structure, and G4 filter are some of the unique features of FSD series Warehouse Dehumidifier.

FSD series warehouse dehumidifier of large capacityFSD series features a stuffed large dehumidifier. It is a floor mount type large capacity dehumidifier. The capacity of FSD series dehumidifier sizing starts from 240 liters/day to 1200 liters per day. This warehouse dehumidifier available in nonducted and ducted types. Ducted type dehumidifier can be installed outside of space which needs to be dehumidified. It is equipped with an expansion valve which controls the flow rate of refrigerant according to change in working conditions hence it protects the compressor from overheat, make it more efficient, stable, durable, and energy-efficient. Body of dehumidifier made up of thick steel sheet with a strong metal frame and painted with powder coating. The body is fully non-corrosive in nature. Since FSD commercial dehumidifiers are designed for large spaces, air blowers need to be powerful with low sound and energy efficiency. This got achieved with a centrifugal fan installed in FSD. It helps to construct a dehumidifier large capacity. G4 filter can be installed in the inlet of this large dehumidifier to clean air and protect the dehumidifier machine from the duct. Air inlet is from front side while dry air discharge from top size vertically upward. Sensors used in the FSD dehumidifier helps to detect conditions precisely and quickly. The evaporator coil of the FSD unit has a honeycomb structure which helps it to increase evaporation area and hence faster moisture absorption.

Control Panel.

Understanding Control Panel of FSD Warehouse Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier sizing with FSD Series control panelThe Control panel of the FSD series large dehumidifier has three buttons. Mode button uses to enter into a setting and confirm settings. Up arrow button is used to increase the set value. And the down arrow button is used to decrease the set value. LCD/LED display divided into two parts. The upper display shows current room humidity while the lower display shows a lower threshold set value. To set required humidity, press the “mode” button once, Upper LED screen will show the default value “080”. It will take you to set the process. then with help of the down and up arrow choose the required humidity and press the “mode” button to confirm the setting. Now the upper display will show current room humidity and the lower display will show the defaulted return difference “005”. Then press the up and down arrow to change the return difference into your desired value, such as, “001”, “002”, “003”, “004”  and press the “Mode” button again to finish the process. We can set the required humidity between 1% to 95%.

Note: Defaulted value is “080”(80%), and the return difference is “005”(5%),it means that:whiletheambientRH levelis higherthan 80%, it will works; while theambient RH level is lower than 75%, it willpause.

Product Specifications.

Dehumidification calculation of commercial dehumidifiersSpecifications*: For FSD-240L Model

  • Extraction Capacity: 240 liter/day (at 30°C, 80% RH)
  • Power Consumption: Max 4800 Watts.
  • Electrical Supply: 220-140V, 50Hz, Single Phase.
  • Humidity Setting: Available.
  • Filter: G4 Efficiency.
  • Running Temperature: 5 -38°C.
  • Airflow: 2500 CMH.
  • Compressor: Rotary with R410 Coolant.
  • Body Frame: Powder coated SPCC Cold-rolled steel sheet.
  • Protection: Delayed startup for protection.
  • Drain Hose: Terminal for continuous drainage.
  • Wheel: Provided.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) mm: 650 x 450 x 1300
  • Weight: 150 Kg.

 *CtrlTech keep rights to change any specification without prior notice.

Product Video.

Applications & dehumidifier sizing of FSD model

  • Warehouse storing seafood, vegetable, tea packets, cigar etc.
  • Large Airplane hangers.
  • Boiler room and water treatment plants.
  • Large basement.
  • Large Swimming pools.
  • Military stores parked with tanks, fighter Jet, etc.