Why Duct dehumidifier for indoor Swimming pool room?

Why Duct dehumidifier for indoor Swimming pool room?

It is not very difficult to know importance of pool dehumidifier in indoor swimming pool room. It is unfortunate that most of consultants do not consider provision of dehumidifier for swimming pool at design stage of Villa or apartment. And finally land up in messing furnished, fully decorated indoor pool area to install dehumidifier. Often most of consultant and home owner thinks that by installing air conditioner with heater in pool room will take care of high humidity generated by water surface of swimming pool. Hence they do not consider installing dehumidifier. But once they start using pool and that of with high water temperature then they start observing symptoms of high humidity. These symptoms includes bad smell, condensation of window glasses, patches on wall, peeling of wall paint, swelling of wooden flooring etc. At this moment easiest solution for pool owner to install plug and play type industrial dehumidifier which will not alter their costly interiors at pool room. But if they want permanent solution then they need to go for duct dehumidifier.

Why only Duct dehumidifier for swimming pool?

We strongly recommends duct dehumidifier for indoor swimming pool rooms. There are many advantages of duct pool room dehumidifier over portable or floor mount dehumidifier.  First advantage of ducted dehumidifier is saving of floor space. Potable or floor mount type unit occupy space in indoor pool room. Also many times it doesn’t go with high class interior decoration and generating sound which can disturb user. While duct type dehumidifier install above fall ceiling, totally hidden and working silently towards pool room humidity control. Humidity generated in indoor pool is very high and it is continuously due to water surface of pool. And if pool water is heated then evaporation will be even faster which increases humidity level in  room within short time. To reduce this sudden increase in humidity, we need dehumidifier which process large amount of humid air at once. And Airflow capacity of dehumidifier designed with duct always higher. This reason why most of commercial pool dehumidification systems are duct type. Duct type unit can be connected with air conditioner duct and hence humidity at every corner of pool room get address. Even if it not connected with AC Duct and it connected independently with its own ducting, it covers whole room.

SPD Pool Dehumidifier.

SPD series pool dehumidifier is offered by CtrlTech in Middle East region. It is one of most installed dehumidification system in region. This is duct dehumidifier, which extremely easy to install and scale-able. It is available up to capacity of 1200 liters per day but most used model is SPD-136L one. Advantage of this model is that you can use multiple units of these model at economical rate and multiple unit will give you redundancy and better performance. Unit offered with wall mount control panel which looks very elegant. Working of this unit are totally automatic. User need to set humidity once and keep it on. Unit will do its job automatically. It will switch on and off whenever required with help of sensors installed in it. Hence it save power and environmental friendly.

SPD series pool dehumidifier

Other type of Pool room dehumidifiers.

Other than duct dehumidifier there are other type of dehumidification units also available in market. lets figure out these units one by one.

  • Portable dehumidifier: These type units one can use for swimming pool for temporary solution against high humidity. For permanent installation, these unit need power sockets, drainage point and it occupy floor space.
  • Wall mount dehumidifier: These type of indoor pool room dehumidifier best for small pool in villa. These unit can serve small pool with surface area less than 50 square meter and water temperature limited to 26 deg C maximum.
  • Floor mount dehumidifier: These dehumidifier are huge in size, look very bulky and occupy big floor space. It is not at all suitable for residential or club or hotel swimming pool. It can be use in big sport pool where there is plenty of floor space available and aesthetic has least importance.

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